About the Artists
 Lily Z Mercado is a freelance artist who currently is one of Topps commissioned Sketch Card Artist .  Her work includes  Garbage Pail kids tm Topps Inc.   and Wacky Packages tm. topps. , Island Dream, and other companies.   She is creative and comes from a family of artist .  She also expands her creativity in her everyday life through creative entertaining, crafting, and was a license artisan,  her work has been seen in Hispanic Heritage Art Shows and has worked on murals and wood art .She also loves painting landscapes that tell stories.    She also has a background in church marketing and graphic design and has taught art to Summer School kids. 
Michael A Zapata- is a freelance artist who had done work for Topps that included Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Mars  Attacks, Terminator and so much more......  He is a self taught artist specializing in comic book art and fine art paintings.    He has been away from the art world for awhile and is making his return with limited pieces of art. 
Some Service offered....
  • Personal Commission art. A drawing of your choosing or  Variations of your favorite Character under parody, or fan art, not for reproduction of any kind other than for your collection.   Choose pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, or full color marker sketch.  Paintings are also available as well as large 11x17  and 8/12 x11 comic boards.   
  • Graphic Design :  Marketing Packages and book Page illustration 
  • Children Book Art:  Digital art with hand drawings 
  • Sketch Art - cards , post cards ,Comic art boards, Comic Book Covers etc.  
  • Fine Art Style-   landscape paintings, etc.
Also offer .... 
  •  Fast turnaround (averages a week to two weeks depending on project.  More time may be needed for large or detailed projects.  First come, first served.  
  • Custom Cartoon characters  (Basically your idea, your vision, of a character  and drawn by the artist)  will be under work for hire contract all rights to that character is yours, But more on that later.
  • Buying an established character by artist is the Artist  property and can be used under License use or you can just ask permission on limited use. 
  • Graphic Design -Artist Marketing Packages and cards.  Price varies by project. 
If you have any questions, please email us we would be glad to help. 
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